Inkjet Extended Warranties

In today's economy, it is more important than ever to maximize your long-term technology investments. Roland Extended Warranties provide on-site service coverage for your Roland machine once your original manufacturer's warranty has expired.


Except as otherwise provided below, this Extended Warranty Program extends the terms and conditions of Roland’s Limited Warranty (which are hereby incorporated herein by reference) for additional periods beyond the original warranty period.

Qualifying Products

Your product must be one of the products that qualifies for this program, as indicated on the Roland Care Warranties matrix for Inkjet Products.


In Warranty: Any qualified inkjet printer or printer/cutter which is currently covered by a standard Roland Limited Warranty or service contract is eligible for this Extended Warranty Program.

Out of Warranty: Any qualified inkjet printer or printer/cutter on which the warranty has expired but passes an inspection performed by Roland or one of its authorized representatives is eligible for this Extended Warranty Program.

This Extended Warranty Program is not an offer to contract. Roland retains the absolute discretion to decide which, if any, of customer’s products may participate in this program.

Exclusive Use of Roland Ink

You must use only Roland Ink throughout all warranty periods. Use of non-Roland ink at any time during any warranty period disqualifies your product from receiving any extended warranty coverage. You may be required to provide proof of purchase of Roland Ink in order to substantiate its continuous and exclusive use.

Coverage Period

Coverage begins on the date of the contract and receipt of payment or upon expiration of any existing coverage, whichever is later, and will continue for 12 months.