Terms and Conditions

Inkjet Service Contracts

The Service Contract Program extends the terms and conditions of Roland’s Limited Warranty (which are hereby incorporated herein by reference) for additional periods beyond the original warranty period. The Service Contract Program is not an offer to contract. Roland retains a requisite to decide which, if any, of customer’s products may participate in this program.

Terms and Conditions

Exclusive use of Roland inks - You must use only Roland ink throughout all service periods

  • Use of non-Roland ink at any time during any service period disqualifies your product from receiving any Service Contract coverage
  • You may be required to provide proof of purchase of Roland ink in order to substantiate its continuous and exclusive use
  • Repair and maintenance made necessary by the use of any ink that is not expressly certified and approved by Roland DGA Corporation is not covered by the Roland Manufacturer Warranty or any Roland Service Contract

Third party components

Service Contracts also do not cover any damage caused by the use of non-Roland ink cartridges, third-party software, applications, parts, components or peripheral devices added to the product after its shipment from Roland DG.

What isn’t covered under the Roland Care Service Contract?

  • Consumables – wiper blades, cutter pad, pinch rollers, sponges, wiper pads, wiper scrapers, and media clamps
  • A print head damaged by misuse, neglect, accident or modification – such as head crash/strike caused by misuse of media or media clamps
  • Cap Tops for all UV products, SPi model VersaCamm’s and legacy products are considered consumables.
  • Non-service level (user level) calibrations
  • Parts that have reached the end of their lifecycle, and parts that have worn out from use, including print heads
  • Software and computer issues are not covered

Coverage Period

Coverage begins upon expiration of any existing coverage, and will continue for 6-12 months. Coverage on machines where the original warranty or coverage has expired will be back dated to the expiration of the original coverage and pro-rated to reflect that date.

Transfer of contract

Warranties and Service Contracts are non-transferable.

GS-24 Roland Care Premium Service Contract

Terms and Conditions

Roland DGA Corporation offers a three-year trouble free warranty with the purchase and registration of a GS-24 Desktop Vinyl Cutter. Upon purchase and registration of a GS-24 Desktop Vinyl Cutter, and subsequent purchase of a GS-24 Roland Care Premium Service Contract, customers can extend their three-year trouble free warranty for an additional two years, through Roland DGA Corporation. The GS-24 Roland Care Premium Service Contract agreement is a fix and repair coverage plan identical to the original equipment warranty and covers all labor, shipping one way, and required parts (excludes software, RIP’s, and consumable/cosmetic pieces), as specified to the Authorized Roland Service Technicians. This program is for machines sold in North America.

Contract Renewals

All service contracts are to be purchased during the standard manufacturer’s warranty period. Machines that fall out of warranty will require re-certification prior to the contract renewal. Costs associated with re-certification are not covered under the new agreement, and the customer will be responsible for any additional re-certification charges. All repairs to re-instate the cutter to original working condition are the responsibility of the customer. Service Contract Agreements can be purchased for a maximum up to two years commencing from the end date of the standard manufacturer’s warranty. 

Extent of Warranty Service

Roland DGA Corporation warranty service is not a guarantee of uninterrupted or error free functioning of the machine. Service does not include repair of failures caused by: misuse, neglect, accident, modification, operation outside of the specified operating environment, improper maintenance by customer, failure caused by service from non-authorized service providers, or failure caused by a product, including supply products, for which Roland DGA Corporation is not responsible.

The Roland DGA Corporation cutter service contract does not cover damage caused by third- party software, applications, parts, components or peripheral devices added to the product after its shipment from Roland DGA Corporation, e.g. dealer- or user- added boards, components, or cables.

This GS-24 Roland Care Premium Service Contract is non-transferrable. The owner of the contract is responsible for updating mailing and email address information in order to receive the cutter strip and 3-pack of blades on years four and five.

Payment / Cancellation

The service contract will not go into effect until Roland DGA Corporation receives payment. The customer or Roland DGA Corporation can terminate the service contract coverage at any time with three (3) months prior written notice. Roland DGA Corporation can terminate service contract coverage at any time for non-payment. When the service contract coverage is canceled, Roland DGA Corporation will refund the customer the remaining portion of the warranty price paid on a prorated basis.

Items Not Covered Under Warranty and Service Contract

  • Any damage done by third-party software, applications, parts, components, or peripheral devices added to the product after its shipment from Roland DGA Corporation, e.g. dealer- or user-added boards, components, or cables.
  • Any damage caused by misuse, abuse, improper installation, neglect, lack of use, improper shipper, disasters such as fire, flood, lightning, improper electrical currents, software problems, or interaction with non-Roland DGA Corporation products.
  • Any damage from service performed by any person other than an Authorized Roland Service Technician.
  • Service when the cutter is used outside the territories established by Roland DGA Corporation.
  • Service where the cutter label, logo, rating label or the serial number has been removed.
  • Any consumables such as but not limited to: Pinch roller wheels, cutter protection strips, cutting blades, and blade holders on vinyl cutting devices.