Global Advertising Firm Packs a Punch with Comprehensive Packaging Campaigns

Creadores Y Pensadores   |   Madrid, Spain

Creadores y Pensadores of Madrid, Spain, is a well-established advertising and visual communications firm with over 3000 square meters of facilities and an extensive background in the industry.

The company was founded in 1992 by two partners, each with many years of experience in graphic production and design. The founders drew upon their backgrounds to create a revolutionary new business model, one which brought together all the steps in the production process, from the creation of an idea to production of the final job. As their business grew, they stopped outsourcing and began supplying graphic solutions in-house for well-known marketing and advertising campaigns. From the beginning, the quality of their design and production services allowed them to work with the best national and international companies and their client list continues to include many industrial giants, among them: Microsoft, Apple, Siemens, American Express, Bosch, Kodak lens, Forlasa, Pascual and many others.

Creadores y Pensadores’ success comes from offering a global solution: starting with the campaign outline, through the creation of the logo and all the way to the final production of POP, packaging mock-ups, brochures and endless other marketing materials.

The firm began with a small group of professionals with extensive experience in offset systems. At that time, Creadores y Pensadores outsourced digital printing jobs, but soon they integrated digital printing devices to provide better service to their customers. Daniel Prieto, creative director for the firm, said: “Since 2004 we have been developing our own technology for marketing online in Europe. What sets us apart from other design companies is that we offer global marketing solutions and take responsibility for the entire process. We don’t outsource responsibility.”

The Roland SOLJET PRO III XC-540 was their first Roland product purchase. In 2007, they realized that their activity in the packaging industry was increasing and that their customers were interested in seeing realistic prototypes. The cost of producing these jobs with an offset device, including all the necessary adjustments and die cutting, was extremely high when compared to producing them using the XC-540. In addition, the digital printer offered better print quality.

“After acquiring Roland equipment, our capacity for providing solutions has increased. Now, we have complete workflow control of our printing and we are able to add value in the visual communications industry.”

As their success with digitally printed prototyping grew, Daniel notes, “We realized we needed equipment that could produce prototypes using the same media as the final product, thus avoiding unnecessary initial production costs.”

After researching current technology for the packaging industry, Creadores y Pensadores decided to invest in a Roland VersaUV LEC-300, trusting once again in Roland’s reliability and the versatility of its machines. Since January 2009, they have been printing all kinds of prototypes produced with the same media that their clients will use for the final product. They have used PET, PVC, offset media, cardboard and many other media, all of which are printed and cut with great results. The VersaUV LEC-300 has also allowed them to be more flexible, since any last-minute change in color or size can be easily run in-house and the solution can be given to the client immediately and without extra costs.

One of the most sought-after features of the LEC-300 is its ability to print white ink and create glossy finishes. These unique finishing capabilities yield outstanding results, and are especially sought after by the cosmetics industry, one of the industries that is very sensitive to innovation in design. Because of the need in this market, Creadores y Pensadores has begun producing artwork on its LEC-300, creating a new revenue stream for the company.

In Daniel Prieto’s opinion, the VersaUV LEC-300 is a perfect match for this market. “We receive packaging orders from cosmetic and luxury companies that require smaller quantities, and the LEC-300 is a great tool for this use, combining both design and small production runs without the need for offset printing.”