Decking the Walls with Super-Sized Stickers

HV Arti Grafiche   |   Venice, Italy

About half way between Romeo and Juliet’s Verona and the superb Venice, in a land with plenty of art masterpieces, universities and fascinating culture, is the new main office of HV Arti Grafiche.

Davide Boggian and his collaborators could not help but be influenced by the great history around them. After initially developing content for multimedia and digital printing, they turned their attention to interior design and the new applications for digitally customizing interiors.

HV’s trusted digital printing technology is the Roland SP-540V, which they use for the reproduction of art graphics, stencil and decorations.

A world promising a wide variety of creativity, thanks to the possibilities of applications and materials printable with Roland.

The first step on HV’s path toward interior customization was the application of different vinyl shapes in interiors.This application immediately generated a unanimous positive response among the staff and a catalogue of designs was created on a dedicated Web site. The decorative stickers can be chosen from this catalogue and applied directly on the wall. The sticker, used as stencil in this case, can be painted in a way similar to using the mask technique with the punch as a template. Of course, stickers can also be stuck to the wall directly, as furnishing. This application represents a simple but elegant way of using pre-spaced shapes.

HV Arti Grafiche, in addition to offering other popular digital print media, now creates interior personalization with digital frescos, especially trompe l’oeil, using both classic themes and more modern styles. Recently, they also began creating furniture personalization through digital and transfer printing.

Interior personalization is a world that promises many new developments, thanks to the application possibilities, the wide variety of materials that can be used with Roland’s printers, and the passion of Davide Boggian.