Meeting the Growing Demand for Interior Décor that Dazzles

Metropolitan West   |   Los Angeles, California

Kelly Taylor, owner of Metropolitan West in Los Angeles, uses her considerable talent to make commercial building interiors more beautiful. Taylor and her staff work with architects, interior designers and design agencies to produce patterns for decorative films that enhance the overall décor of office buildings, administrative facilities and other commercial environments.

"Why settle for plain when you can create something that's both functional and beautiful?" said Taylor. "We offer our clients endless ways to create the atmosphere they are trying to achieve."

"When you're out in front with a major project or proposal every week, your reputation is on the line. Our Rolands help ensure we always deliver results we are proud of."

Metropolitan West's focus has evolved over the years from installing anti-graffiti films and safety films to digital production of custom-designed films for interior décor. Now the firm has 12 employees and serves clients throughout California and several neighboring states.

The growth of their interior décor business led Taylor to add the VersaCAMM VS to the production environment at Metropolitan West. "I knew we needed the white ink capability and the metallic is a whole new, exciting frontier," said Taylor. "Our clients love the look of the metallic image and inkjet ink."

The VS's white ink production has been critical to several recent projects. "Using white ink to create customized graphics for office windows and glass partitions is now a major part of our business," said Taylor. "Our customers have been thrilled with all the ways we can enhance their office environment."

"We can create really beautiful custom solutions using gradients of white," said Taylor. As an example, one client requested a gradient pattern of 20 percent white on the top third of a window, 80 percent in the middle third, and 40 percent on the bottom to create a decorative privacy screen.

Metropolitan West recently completed printing and installing a custom white ink gradient pattern designed to cover more than 80 panes of glass on two floors of an office building in downtown Los Angeles. For another agency, they developed a custom pattern that imitates crown molding.

Taylor appreciates Roland's high quality production and low maintenance requirements. "Our Rolands have never required anything beyond standard upkeep," said Taylor. She also appreciates the ease of use of her Rolands. "I needed machines that worked right out of the box. VersaWorks (Roland's RIP software) makes it really easy to go from design to print," said Taylor.

Metropolitan West sees opportunity in the wall covering market, and over the past few months, has completed several wall covering projects for commercial interiors. "The versatility of our Roland printers makes it easy to transition our business strategy," said Taylor. They are currently creating a metallic print for a kitchen environment, as well as printed wall covering totaling more than 4,000 square feet for an office space.

"When you're out in front with a major project or proposal every week, your reputation is on the line. Our Rolands help ensure we always deliver results we are proud of," said Taylor.