Packaging Prototyping for High Profile Products

Danapak Flexible   |   Slagelse, Denmark

Danapak Flexible, founded in 1955, is a well-established Scandinavian company focusing exclusively on flexible packaging. Danapak produces packaging for a large number of international food distributors and manufacturers, including Arla Foods (LURPAK butter) and TOMS (Anton Berg chocolate).

In 2010, Danapak purchased their third Roland machine - a VersaUV LEC series UV printer/cutter. They had been looking for a UV printer/cutter that could print on a wide variety of media and with the essential color white. The LEC-330 fulfilled their needs and has been used, not only to attract new clients, but also to deliver the best possible service to existing customers.

“The VersaUV enables us to provide that extra service that makes us stand out.”

The VersaUV was a valuable asset when Arla Foods came to Danapak with an unusual request. Arla Foods was participating in an exhibition at the Danish National Bank and wished to display a 50-year-old design. However, they were hesitant to send one of the few originals they had left. Danapak used the VersaUV to reproduce impressive and realistic mock-ups of the 50-year-old design without excessive cost.

"Today, the key to remaining successful is not only finding new clients, but keeping and pleasing existing customers as well. The VersaUV enables us to provide that extra service that makes us stand out," says Ole Kokborg, Danapak account supervisor.

Danapak is currently expanding their markets and has entered the pharmaceutical industry in both Denmark and the U.S. by using the VersaUV to produce new prototypes.

"The pharmaceutical industry is becoming more and more dependent on flexible packaging. We have the advantage of both in-house production of media and prototypes, which means that we are able to assist with all stages of the development of new packaging. Thanks to the LEC-330, we are able to provide optimal service to our customers," said Kokburg.