DiNG Has Personal Electronics All Wrapped Up


Music industry executive John Oakes wasn’t thinking about launching a business when he spotted his business partner’s wife putting a pink sticker on her daughter’s laptop. “I asked myself, ‘Why can’t I do that with the logos of my favorite bands?’” said Oakes.

Launched in June 2008, WWW.DiNGLIFE.COM currently has over 100,000 unique product SKU’s available to wrap almost 200 different devices including cell phones, gaming systems and controllers, MP3 players and laptops. Available DiNGS include designs from many famous recording artists, such as Linkin Park, Bad Religion, The Used, Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot, H20, Blink 182, No Doubt, Story of the Year and others, as well as designs from tattoo artists Joe Capobianco and Durb Morrison, and visual artists such as Alex Pardee.

To support their high-volume production, DiNG LIFE depends on the speed and accuracy of its Roland SOLJET Pro III XJ 540 54” printer and Roland CAMM-1 Pro GX-500 cutter. “In addition to the printing performance, I love the speed,” said Brad Trevethan, vice president of production. “We nest multiple jobs every morning and rely on the SOLJET to print them each day. Our bottom line depends on its performance.”

"The Roland provides the precision printing we need at high speed and allows us to complete our customer orders within 24 hours."

Each full-color, high-resolution DiNG is custom printed and cut to wrap the selected electronic device perfectly. DiNGS can be easily removed without leaving an adhesive residue, allowing customers to personalize their devices as often as they like without damaging the device or voiding a manufacturer’s warranty. “Our Roland equipment allows us to custom manufacture and cut each order, eliminating inventory expenses,” said DiNG founder and CEO John Oakes.

The small size of their DiNG designs is easily managed with the SOLJET’s highly accurate printing, and environmental distortions are minimized by running the SOLJET in a “clean room” environment with specially designed, filtered ventilation. “For personalizing consumer electronics, we can’t have any distortion or blurring,” said Oakes. “The Roland provides the precision printing we need at high speed and allows us to complete our customer orders within 24 hours.”

“If only everything worked as fast and as well as the Roland!!” said Oakes. “We’re running six days a week at this point, and we’re looking to purchase more Rolands as our demand grows.”