With Roland DG warranties, you get not only extensive coverage of your device, but the best service and support in the industry. All products come standard with the manufacturers warranty, with upgrade options available on many products.

3D / Engineering Warranty

View warranty information for Roland 3D/Engineering products including Milling machines, Engravers, and Scanners.

Cutters Warranty

View warranty information for Roland Cutter products including CAMM-1 PRO, PRO Desktop and Stika.

Printer Warranty

View warranty information for Roland Inkjet Printer products including all Printers and Print&Cut devices.

Roland Product Registration Information

Registration of your warranty takes only a minute of your time, but it offers several important benefits. Roland will notify you of product updates, including free software downloads. Roland will also advise you of other important news, such as technical support and maintenance tips that could improve the performance of your device. And should you ever need technical support, having your product information will help us to provide you with prompt service.

Roland respects your privacy. You can rest assured that we will not sell or share your information. To read our complete privacy statement, click here.

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